Hello! I'm Karla Carter!


I attended the KonMari Seminar in New York City in April 2018, and earned my certification as a KonMari Consultant in July 2018. It was an amazing process. I am grateful to so many who helped me along the way. It is an incredible privilege to work in your home with you, to help you reach your goal of having an organized, functional, beautiful home.


Just for fun, here are five things I love almost as much as organizing:

  1. My family. I have a wonderful, supportive husband, 6 incredible children, 5 awesome son/daughter-in-laws, and 7 amazing grandchildren. (I might actually love them MORE than organizing!)

  2. Family History. If I could have a p.j. day, I would probably spend it doing family history. It is thrilling to me!

  3. Cooking. Especially baking. rolls, cookies, all kinds of treats and sweets. And I read cookbooks like they are best-selling novels!!

  4. Dishes. I love dishes. I own a plethora of them. I truly believe that everything tastes better when it is served on a pretty plate!

  5. Chocolate. Milk chocolate. Especially with almonds. Or cashews. Or surrounding a strawberry. And Nutella.  I love Nutella too. Especially on croissants. Or on waffles... with raspberries and whipped cream.